Skier, snowboarder, sledder, or just plain snow-lover, look no further than Spartan Ski Club! We are Michigan State University's largest student organization with over 1,200 members during the 2017-2018 school year. Being a member of the club gets you access to several national ski trips and events throughout the year.  We partner with both local and national companies to provide exclusive benefits for our members and drive to offer the utmost memorable college club experience! So come along for a wild ride this year and always remember to GET AFTER IT!



So uhhhh, what is ski club?

We're a social club with a skiing problem ;) we all about having fun and getting rowdy with our members. We only have THREE meetings a year (General Membership Meeting, Winter Trip Meeting and Spring Break Trip Meeting). Check out the "Events" tab for a calendar of the school year. 

What do you guys do?

SKIING. SNOWBOARDING. FRIENDS. PARTIES. PHILANTHROPY. What don't we do?! Our focus is to provide a social atmosphere for members to come together to build everlasting friendships and memories...along with planning local and non-local ski trips! We host tailgates for every home game, happy hours (midweek parties), have a fall/winter/spring bash, hayride, and so much more! 

Do you actually ski?

While we aren't drinking pitchers at the RIV, we do actually ski/snowboard! We take two big trips out west during winter break and spraaaang break. We also take day trips to local ski resorts like Cannonsburg and are working to plan a trip to Boyne this winter! Peep the "Winter Trip" tab for more information on our destination for this year! 

Why should i join?

Being a member of SSC gets you access to all of our social events and special discounts from our sponsors. Not to mention you get a SICK tee after sign ups.

you got me. How do i join?

It's $45 for the entire year! Head to office hours any time on MONDAYS from 4-8 pm!!! We host office hours at room 115 in Berkey hall!


Email for any and all other questions you have!